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COHT National Gathering 2017 Fort Osage, Jackson County Missouri

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Here's a few pictures from Fort Osage, Missouri 2015 National Gathering

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Our Purpose and Ideals

We, the Coalition of Historical Trekkers, are living historians dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1860 frontier people in America. We see ourselves as experimental archaeologists, involved in one or more eras of the historical time frame from 1600 to the year 1860.

As is the purpose of an archaeologist, to establish facts about a historical people or time period, we research the lifeways of the pre-1860 frontier people who lived in, fought for, and founded this country. Our research is accompanied by experimentation in historical situations, using the foods, tools, clothing, weapons, and methods authentic to those used by the early frontier people here in America.  Believing that the best way to preserve history is to share it, we communicate this research and the results of our   experimentation with others through educational events and  publications dedicated to pre-1860 America.

We pledge to keep alive the awareness of those brave people who lived and died while carving out a place in the wilderness. We recognize that it was these brave men and women who made it possible for us, and generations to come, to live here in the land of the free-America.

In the Footsteps of History: The Coalition of Historical Trekkers from John Schreiber on Vimeo.

The members of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers would like to extend our appreciation to the following individuals for the video presentation above:
John Schreiber (http://www.JohnSchreiber.com)
Vivian Esparza (http://vivianphoto.blogspot.com)
Joel Kowsky (http://www.jkowskyphoto.com)
Sarah Khan (http://sarah-khan-photos.blogspot.com)