Newsletter September 1, 2007

Greetings to All,

Well now hasn’t this been a pleasant change of the weather pattern, 60 degrees at first light and barely hitting 90 by late afternoon. This has been much more welcome than the 80 – 105 stuff earlier in the month but then we didn’t really have an extended stretch of the oppressive heat as normal. Several areas received some very unusual thunderstorms and rain for mid August, not much fell here but what did was welcome. I’ve noticed the treerats have become very active with a few nuts already cut, always a good sign of cooler weather ahead.
Our third nesting of doves left their nest on the deck a few weeks ago, after careful observation convinced it was the same pair that raised all three batches, hope they return again next Spring. We have an unusual treerat in the big oak out front, can’t miss him, don’t know if it’s in black–phase or just really dark, sure tell him from the rest.

 WHAT’S GOING ON, not much new to add since last edition, hope to have a better handle on area things for the October issue, look forward to some one on one with other SCT state reps at the Grand Fete, get a better idea of other’s ideas, plans and schedules. Like to post a couple great events scheduled for the Cadron Blockhouse near Conway Arkansas.

October 26 – 28, Arkansas COHT Fall Gathering, sure Bryant will have more details posted in the very near future.

November 9 – 11, Ladies Only Gathering, please see enclosed flier.

As to here in our state looking at the possibilities of a preseason deer scout and or canoe trek in mid October before muzzle loader season, a doe only hunt/trek late December and whatever else that can be dreamed up, welcome to ideas from the members.

A couple of the North Texas members have suggested getting together somewhere for something in the southern part of Oklahoma, if we can get schedules and ideas put together get the info in the next newsletter or a separate mailing.

WHAT’S OLD, well not really old just haven’t started a new heading for National information. The change over for having all memberships due in June is progressing really well, many have taken advantage of the prorated system to square themselves to 6/08. The new system is definitely simpler for everyone involved from the Membership Director threw the entire membership especially for the state reps. The other National item of interest is the production of the black and white TTG quarterly, it’s my understanding the next issue is at the printers and is to be mailed to every current member soon. Once the final costs are recorded the Executive / Governor boards will have more financial information to work with concerning a continued production schedule as well as other COHT financial concerns.

Be sure and read Rooster’s President Column as he is presenting some interesting ideas regarding the quarterly, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

ADVERTISEMENT, one slightly used but well maintained OK state rep gig, if someone is interested in having a go at it happy to help you get started with full responsibility assumed at or by the National Gathering in 08, let me know.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, a couple things of interest, first off is the ODWC Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E arena September 28 -30, second is the special permanent duck blind drawing held Saturday September 22 at the Muscogee office, guess these are pretty sought after items, prefer paddling the slews in a canoe myself.

October 1, 2007 – January 15, 2008 Archery deer season, with January 1-15 being antlerless only.

October 27 – November 4 Muzzle Loading deer season, check the regulations for your area as the antlerless days vary by zone.

BOOK REVIEW, hopefully things ease up a bit so as to catch up on a couple titles, don’t know why but dug out Allan W. Eckert’s “That Dark and Bloody River” had left notes in several parts to read over again which I’ve done but added yet more notes for further research. Have started a rough draft on an article titled something like, what can go wrong making oilcloth, hope to include it in the next issue.

In closing hope everyone has the itch to get into the woods and other fun events for the upcoming Fall, early frost sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings, darn bugs!

Take / Give Care,

Brad Pickle
Oklahoma State Rep