Newsletter March 1, 2006

Greetings to all, well I kind of goofed on my weather reporting last issue, know that’s pretty hard for most to believe but then probably not! I hadn’t put out my rain gauge yet and was using my neighbors and didn’t realize he had run his sprinkler system the night before thus the extra one inch in the gauge. Felt like a real dummy for that one but it was a good laugh all around!
Well I think we’ve worked out the kinks on this fine machine, well at least I can half way find things again which is saying something for me! I run into brother Phil House at the gun show last weekend and got an update on their fire damage situation. Hopefully this week the utility company will be setting new poles, wire and meter can, the well service should be out to repair or replace the pump also, things are progressing but slow.
WHAT’S GOING ON, as of today this weekends trek is up in the air due to the extended and extreme fire danger, can you believe 80 degrees for the first of March, thinking we are going to pay for this unseasonable climate. Thomas is thinking on coming up and working on some projects, also a possible road trip to Caywood’s on Saturday.
The fine folks over in Arkansas are putting together a Spring Trade Fair at Cadron Blockhouse in May and also a braintan seminar, no confirmed dates yet but I’ll keep everyone posted.
March 17 -19 there will be a camp and shoot near Hattieville AR sponsored by the Arkansas Muzzleloaders Assn. if you can stand a weekend around Smarty Marty and Miss Ewe it ought to be fun.
Tracy Smith has invited everyone to their clubs Spring camp and shoot near Holden MO March 31st – April 2nd at the Strothers Freetrappers range. Please contact Tracy at mo-rep@coht.org for more details or I can forward his map and flier.
That same weekend will be the Spring Woolaroc Rendezvous, hopefully that will bring us some rain, it usually does.
Mike and Richard decided to cancel the March 1759 tactical due to the fire ban, the Chouteau Creek Ranch is one big tinder box ready to go and the creek is all but dry.
WHAT’S NEW, well the Ft Osage National Gathering is just seven weeks away so I hope everyone is finalizing their travel plans. As of now I plan to be there Thursday afternoon and leave pretty early Sunday morning. Rooster has sorted out his computer problems and is working on the auction inventory. (Rooster and I are planning a “kill the computer” event for Ft O) I’ll try and get a list in the next edition, so far there is some really great stuff being donated also include a schedule of events, things should be finalized by then.
WHAT’S OLD, well WORK for one thing and very uncooperative dry weather for another! Missed the Slyamore trek weekend due to work, Bryant wisely cancelled the event due to the ice and snow storm that traveled thru the area that weekend. Think I would have rather taken my chances in the woods as opposed to six stories up in that North wind! Think I’m missing or forgetting something to add here, my notes are in kind of a jumbled heap much like the shop.
ADVERTISEMENT, I’ve posted several for sale capotes on the message boards for a couple members, anyone have anything they’d like listed? Don’t forget about the upcoming Cadron Spring market fair in May.
OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, Spring turkey season opens in just five weeks, really look forward to packing my new Caywood 12ga English Fowler to the turkey woods. With this mild weather might get the chance to try her out on a copperhead as I’m sure they will be out and about in force. May 15th tree rat season opens, Shadow is ready to go but Mick is still nursing a sore paw. The ODWC special draw hunt information should be published before long, update that one next edition.
BOOK REVIEW, between looking for some odds and ends info the only serious thing I’ve been working on is “Patriots” by noted author A.J. Langguth. Very well written and assembled, quite lengthy and packed full of great material. I also finished the latest from my favorite author, Mr. Tony Hillerman, “Skeleton Man” the only piece of his work I haven’t read three times so far.

Until the post rider reaches you all again, Please Take Care and Be Safe,


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