Newsletter January 1, 2006

Greetings and hope everyone made it thru the Holidays in health and good spirits. It’s hard to believe we are starting another new year, time sure flies when you’re having fun!
The recent weather patterns seem to be about three months early but with no moisture. Everyone is aware of the state wide burn ban and I don’t know how that will affect the early events for this year. Seems everyday the sky is hazy and smelling of smoke in about any direction. I spoke with a transport pilot friend of mine the other day and he said it was quite strange to see so many smoke clouds over this part of the country.
WHAT’S GOING ON, first off I got a call from Mr. Javine and they’ve set the dates for the March 1759 invitation only event, March 17-19.
January 21-22, Cadron Blockhouse, Bryant is hosting a seminar weekend on making shoepacks. If you’re interested please let him know as he’s furnishing materials, you can pay him at the event. Bryant McIguire, ar-rep@coht.org.
January 27-29, Bucks Only at Woolaroc, not sure of the fire situation.
February 3-5, back to the wild woods of the North Canadian river for another trek weekend.
February 18-19, Winter trek in the Slyamore Wilderness Area near Mt. Home AR. Beautiful area with rock overhangs for shelter and squirrel season is still open.
March 3-5, final 06 Canadian foot trek, this one is usually good for wildlife activity, seems everybody is out looking for a meal and always see turkeys.
March 17-19, the March 1759 tactical, more info on this as I get it from Richard and Mike.
March 22-26, Shawnee Branch Cabin Fever event, please see the enclosed flier.
March 29- April 2, Fort Washita Rendezvous presented by the Oklahoma Historical Society, please see enclosed flier. I have extra pages regarding the regulations, activities and schedules if anyone needs a copy.
No date set for March but the Arkansas folks are having a camp and shoot at the Hattieville Gun Range, more to follow on this one.
April 20-23, CoHT National Gathering at Fort Osage near Sibley MO, enclosed is a pre registration form, please check the return date.
The Mount Vernon in Miniature exhibit will be on display thru Washington’s birthday at Glicrease museum. They have a new exhibit to open soon on post Lewis and Clark, have all the particulars in the next edition.
WHAT’S NEW, you’ll find a copy of the proposed amendment to the CoHT constitution entitled Code of Conduct. Please read thru this carefully and forward any thoughts. Swanny has also posted it on the message boards for those with web access. This will be on the agenda and voted on at the National Gathering business meeting.
This past week our schedules finally worked out so Bryant and I had a lunch business meeting in Siloam. Several topics and ideas were discussed with a couple implemented. Plan accordingly for a SC potluck supper Friday night, the 21st at Ft. Osage. Bryant has decided to make the Arkansas September “Treerat Weekend” an annual event at the Madison County WMA.
Also discussed was the possibility of combined AR/OK Spring turkey and or Fall deer muzzleloader hunts, a combined event of some sort for this May. We talked on the idea of a CoHT SC territorial gathering, more to follow on this one as we get more information flowing between the other reps.
WHAT’S OLD, 2005 for one thing, really can’t think of any left over state business, anyone have anything I’ve forgot about? Shadow turns 9 next month so I better check into doggie ARAP and retirement plans, she still hunts like she was 3 though!
ADVERTISEMENT, now is a good time to sort thru your gear and get things ready for the new year, happy to post anything for sale or trade.
OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, the ODWC is hosting public hearings around the state the 9th and 10th regarding proposed regulation changes on deer and turkey hunting for 06/07. I plan to attend the meeting here and will have an update next newsletter. You can check the ODWC website or call your area office for the closest meeting.
BOOK REVIEW, the Holidays have taken up some of my reading time but have just about finished up “William Clark – Shaping of the West” an excellent book. I’ve went back to Russell Lawson’s “The Land between the Rivers” for some additional area research, great book for anyone on the lower Arkansas river drainage.

Until the post rider makes it back to your settlement please Be Safe, Take Care and watch them fires!


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