Newsletter February 1,2006

Greetings to all, very glad to see yesterdays rain, not near enough but very much welcome, my gauge had almost an inch and a half. Recently had a hard drive crash on this fine machine and haven’t figured out just where everything is on the new system. Found the old style of font but for some reason can’t get it to take, hopefully have that corrected by next edition. Everyone knows how efficient I am with this thing so don’t hold your breath waiting on miracles from this end! For those not aware, Brother Phil House lost the family farm homestead over the Holidays in a wildfire. From the information received it was a total loss, Phil is dealing with everything involved and also getting his brother situated in a new home, we wish you all the very best.

WHAT’S GOING ON, I’ll be leaving sometime Friday to meet up with Thomas and head on to the North Canadian for the February trek weekend. Even with the recent rains the fireban is still in effect so it’ll be another cold camp.

February 18-19 the Arkansas folks are having a packin weekend in the Slyamore Wilderness Area. Bryant has forwarded maps and contact info but I’m not rightly sure how to get it on here, please contact him at ar-rep@coht.org if interested.

Larry Lane, one of the AR members has volunteered to set up a blacksmith workshop/camp at his home and also a braintan seminar at Cadron Blockhouse, I’ll get the info out on these events asap.

March 3-5 last OK spring trek weekend, plan to spend a lot of it scouting for turkey season. The landowners have committed to a primitive turkey/hunt trek, I just need to get all the particulars to them. I checked with the ODWC regarding nonresident hunting and it’s kinda pricey, $147! A nonresident can also buy an extra tag for $10 to harvest a second tom.

March 1759, haven’t heard from Richard or Mike with any updates regarding the tactical, hope to have the details for next newsletter. Please be advised that for now the fireban will still be in effect.

April 20-23, CoHT National Gathering at Ft. Osage, there is a listing of activities on the inside front cover of the recent TTG, I’m sure this list will grow as time draws nearer. Auction items keep rolling in, Rooster has posted all his mailing info if anyone has something to forward if they can’t haul it themselves. Not sure of my exact schedule just yet but wanted to throw out the idea of possible rideshare to Ft.O. Unless I’ve overlooked something don’t have any other new listings since the last edition.

WHAT’S NEW, there is a new member and new state rep south of the Red. First off I’d like to Thank Mr. Dudley Toelke for trying out the state rep position, believe he has all his computer hookup stuff operating. A Very Big Welcome to new member Mr. Paul Jones from the Houston area. I’ve had several ecomms with Paul and look forward to sharing a trail, he’s a pretty dedicated trekker.

WHAT’S OLD, this edition of the OK newsletter starts my fourth year as your state rep. I’d be happy to forward the reins first of the year to anyone that would like to give it a try. It’s not that difficult especially since there are so many topnotch reps in the SC territory to help out.

ADVERTISEMENT, I’ll hopefully have some pics and good description on a capote any other items for sale shortly. Thomas plans to bring them to the upcoming trek weekend. Anyone have anything they’d like to get posted?
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, Spring turkey season opens April 6 and runs thru May 6 with a two tom limit, in some areas a three bird limit, please check the ODWC regulations. May 15th is opening day for squirrel season, the dogs always look forward to that one. Quail season ends on the 15th of this month, plenty of birds just hard to hunt in the dry conditions.

BOOK REVIEW, well I haven’t started anything new and exciting to report on, spent most of my time digging thru different ones just researching some items. Kinda out of place here but made the new “After Lewis and Clark” exhibit at Gilcrease museum, it is really good and got me to thinking on a couple things so of course had to look them up. Believe it or not I found and confirmed two minor mistakes in the exhibit, not bad for a one eyed old fatman!

In closing I’d like to forward my very best wishes to the Perkins family in Ohio and the Carlson family in Nebraska. They have been dealing with some significant health concerns. The folks down south are thinking of you all and sincerely hope things get resolved very soon.


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