Newsletter April 1, 2006

Greetings to all, well it seems Spring has sprung. The redbuds are in full bloom and noticed the dogwoods just starting to open up in our area. Very thankful for the much needed rain a couple weeks ago, we certainly could use some more of that action. Things have sure greened up nicely with what we got. I ended up with 3.3 inches over a three day period here at the house.

I’ve been somewhat under the weather for awhile and haven’t kept up with CoHT business as well as other communications. Hopefully get some decent info in this edition and get caught back up with things soon. As Brother Bait once told me, “I’d be the perfect poster boy for Melonheadness”

Went thru the same thing before but this time it came on differently. I used the old, to much work, stress, not enough time in the day, to many alligators nipping etc. instead of taking the time to ask some questions. That was a BIG mistake and as all my others pay for it just the same. Seeing I have the market cornered on AWDA, don’t want to hear about anyone taking risks with their health, it isn’t worth it!

WHAT’S GOING ON, the fine folks over at Cadron Settlement Park have set the dates for the Cadron Trade Faire, May 25 – 29 near Conway AR. If you can’t make the entire weekend you’re welcome to visit for as long as you can. Mark Thurman has been keeping the event info posted pretty regular on the CoHT website, you can contact him at artillermon@yahoo.com or lt-ar-rep@coht.org. for more details. Mark wanted to make it very clear to everyone to not park on or near the sand plant property, this is a big no-no. I believe he is also working on a flier with more details and directions, try to include that in the May edition.

No confirmed dates set yet but Bryant and his Arkansas ridge runners will be hosting another tree rat trek weekend in September, oughta be fun.

The CoHT National Gathering at historic Ft. Osage is just three weeks away so I hope everyone is getting prepared. Very much look forward to the event and everyone involved, it’s always a great time. I tried unsuccessfully to get the list of activities and agenda items from the website copied over to here. Luckily Dan “Mr. Wizard” Lambert is doing seminars on computer trekking at the Gathering, hopefully learn how to use the machine more efficiently, I’ll be the one in class wearing the size 4X dunce hat!

The Spring event season is in full swing so check your favorite periodicals and websites for more information than I could ever post here. It’s that time of year where you can swing a cat and hit a good area event.

WHAT’S NEW, I’d like to forward a Very Big Welcome to a new Oklahoma CoHT member, Mr. Allen Harrison of Oologah. I believe Allen hails originally from west Texas and is now working up at the big power plant. Look forward to sharing some trails and camp real soon.

The TTG committee has finalized and posted the new issue via the CoHT website, they are still experimenting with software and posting techniques. I am sure they’ll get the bugs worked out quickly, pretty sharp group of folks.
For those without computer/internet access I’ll be forwarding you a printed copy as soon as available. For those not aware this new format was adopted due to the fact that lack of advertising revenues were putting to heavy of a financial burden on the organizations resources. Hope to have more on this topic after the Gathering.

WHAT’S OLD, the March OK trek weekend turned out to be something a bit different for me, spent it with a herd of cub scouts and man did they have a ton of questions! Tried to cover about a hundred years of area fur trade, went surprising well. Of course the show stoppers were, flint and steel fire making in the kitchen sink,(fire ban), handling of real furs and the always popular setting off the trap with a dowel rod, don’t have a clue how many times I set that trap!

Happened on to some info while talking with Brother Moon recently, found out an old friend, topnotch western fur trade persona and a great promoter of muzzle loading sports is also a CoHT member, Mr. Don Stoner. If you ever make it up to the Colorado Springs area he’s a hoot and a half and then some! Haven’t seen Don for several years but look forward to seeing him soon.

ADVERTISEMENT, anyone have anything to peddle or trade out there? Dump out that haversack, dig thru those trunks, double check in the woodshed for any good plunder to haul to Cadron next month.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, just five more days before we get to start chasing them wiley old toms around the woods, can’t wait. From the ODWC reports I’ve read it should be a great Spring season with plenty of birds. As dry as it is, I plan to start hunting near young green grass and available water, hunting the timber a person should be able to hear them walking a ways off.

From a source that is usually spot on the crappie should be headed for shore in three weeks, that’s some good news and eating.

BOOK REVIEW, due to the eye strain as of late have not got a lot of reading and research done, did get the book shelves cleaned, prioritized, reorganized and ready to get after it though.

In closing, Take Care, Be Safe and Careful in the turkey woods, look forward to seeing everyone at Ft Osage.


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