Newsletter November 13, 2006


Greetings to All,


Well this edition is a bit late as it’s been rather sporty around these parts, between work, Fall household chores and available time in the deer woods haven’t kept up with some things. Headed back to the deer woods again this weekend, probably won’t come out till mid December to rest up for the late doe season.


Happy to say that the Caywood .54 Game Gun had a good break in recently, could have taken two different does in the Muzzleloader season but both had twin fawns with them. Due to the landowners QDM procedures had to pass on four different bucks, two of which should be nice ones next year. Opted for my most favorite target, Coyote, blasted one at about 50 yards, the second at about 90 yards trying to sneak up on some turkeys that was fun.


Had the opportunity to catch up with several members this last month. Thinking there was close to ten at the Woolaroc Rendezvous, need to check my numbers with Bryant (AR-rep) as his memory is much better than mine. Also had overnight house guests as they were in town on business of Judith Clarke with an E and Mike “Kiwi” Rowe, Kiwi seemed quite taken with the boiled deer meat and stewed tomatoes.

On a National level, Mr. Scott Carlson the current Nebraska state rep has been nominated and accepted to run for the Eboard position as Treasurer, I’m sure Scott can handle it very well, he has my full support.


Tater has posted some updates concerning Ft Osage 07 on the website, hope everyone has their calendars marked for next April, looking to be bigger and better yet again.


On a Territorial level, have had several requests from state reps regarding access to the rep tools area on the website, as of now I believe this one is solved. If anyone runs into problems again please let Dan or Moon know as I have trouble just turning on a computer. Other than some minor email problems the SC state reps are doing a fine job of it. Ken “Burnt Squirrel” Dodson (LA-rep) had some exciting adventures as of late, thus the new moniker.


On a State level, I goofed in the last newsletter, was so proud to finally attach a picture all by myself I forgot to caption it. For those that have not had the sincere pleasure of sharing a camp with him that is Mr. Mark “White Turtle” Grigg from Arkansas shooting a new bow he built. Other state news, the state rep position is still available to anyone wanting to give it a go, please let me know if interested and I’ll forward all the particulars.


Probably return to the normal newsletter format next edition, thought we’d try something a bit different to throw you all off a bit. Being past due still wanted to include a passage from A.J. Langguth’s Patriots, Simon and Schuster, chapter Politics 1765, page 67 “Any candidate who didn’t offer a few drinks was considered too stingy or lacking in respect for his neighbors to deserve their votes” them folks knew how to run an election back then!


In closing I’d like to add another quote that I am in total agreement with,    personally feel everyone should make it their number one concern also.


Muzzleloader, November/December, Four Days of Real Living: Tested in Voluntary Exile by Mark A. Baker, page 13, “Historical accuracy always takes a back seat to safety concerns” 


Until the post rider reaches you again, Take Care and be Safe, especially in the deer woods.



Brad Pickle

Ok State Rep

SC Governor


Where the Buffalo Roam


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