Newsletter June, 2006

Warm greetings to all as we are ten degrees above normal, makes me worry what August will be like. Not sure what the situation is like on the western part of the state but this side is ate smooth up with ticks plus an equal number of skeeters. Took the dogs out for a little early morning treerat action recently, between the heat and bugs we weren’t out to long but it was fun plus put two in the skillet. Also saw a young velvet fork horned buck, two different and quite nervous does, guess their young ones were around somewhere close.

WHAT’S GOING ON, first off need to correct some info from the last edition, posted the wrong dates for the “Treerat Weekend” over in Arkansas, correct dates are September 15-17. As of now leave Friday morning so if anyone in the area needs a ride let me know.

Mark your calendars with these dates, October 27, 28, 29, the fine folks in Arkansas are planning to gather at the Cadron Blockhouse for a weekend of fun. Larry Layne will be doing a braintan seminar and Mark Grigg plans to teach twining, I’m sure there will be serious feasting involved also.

Due to the severe drought conditions many of the events to our west have been canceled, I was in hope of making part of the August RMRC but will have to wait and see. Plan to try and make one of the later events at Bent’s Fort this year also, again depending on their current conditions.

I’ve been discussing a road trip to Chadron to visit the Museum of the Fur Trade with a couple of the North Central folks. The museum will have a new exhibit opening in August that sounds great. If you are not a member I would highly recommend joining, it’s a very fine organization with incredible historical resources. museum@furtrade.org

With the summer heat there really isn’t much going on in the area, hopefully have some good event info by September. If anyone has ideas on putting together a foot, canoe or any type of trek for the Fall please let me know so we can get the insurance filed on time and also work on scheduling. As a reminder don’t plan anything during the deer gun seasons unless it’s a hunt of course!

WHAT’S NEW, a very special welcome to new Louisiana member Mr. Ken Dodson, Ken lives down in the Lafayette area but hales originally from central Arkansas.

Mark “Rooster” Roster has accepted the nomination to run for President of the CoHT. I was also nominated but declined due to the simple fact that I whole heartedly support Rooster, he is the right person at the right time for the right organization in my humble opinion.

WHAT’S OLD, due to an unexpected road trip I missed the Cadron Market Faire last weekend, from the brief info I’ve received it was a great time but a tad warm. Mark Thurman did a fantastic job, as usual, of organizing and hosting the event, Many Thanks for all your hard work Mark.

ADVERTISEMENT, anything to peddle, swap or trade out there? I recently purchased some very nice items from member Kristopher Parker as did a couple others. If someone has anything they like posted let me know.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, to hot to chase tree rats and tolerate the bsbbs, the area lakes will be plenty crowded for the rest of the summer but are usually pretty calm early of a morning. Dove season opens in just three months which also brings the start of our Fall hunting seasons, can’t wait!

BOOK REVIEW, still working on Langguths’ “Patriots”, very detailed in depth work, also found a copy of Dr Kate Greggs’ “The Road to Santa Fe” have just given it the once over and can’t wait to get back into it, lots of very interesting information.

Had a short overnight visit from Judith Clarke which was a great deal of fun and very informative, that gal sure knows her books!

In closing I’m attaching, with permission of Governor Rooster, a letter/post from the Governor’s message board, I feel he did a rather good job of it on this one. Your questions, comments and concerns are most welcome, please forward them to the ok-rep@coht.org, sc-gov@coht.org or good old landline / snail mail.
Take Care, Be Safe and stay cool,

Brad Pickle
OK State Rep
SC Governor


Greetings and Salutations

As with all organizations, the COHT has had some roller coaster moments over the past few years but we (the board) have tried to listen to all and address the needs of the majority for the betterment of this fine organization, and I personally believe that we are in for a pretty smooth ride for a considerable time span. President Swanny, VP. Veronica Wiese, Membership Director “Wart” (Jim Perkins), Treasurer “Moon” (Scott Hinton), and Communications Director Dan Lambert along with the Territorial Govs have made many sound decisions that will aide in the continuality of what the COHT organization is about – fellowship, getting on the ground, promoting the 1600 –1859 era, without putting you in a situation that you have only certain amount of time to “get it right”. We understand that the membership moves at their own pace and desires. Thus said, the COHT still desires everyone to learn their history, of their circa interest, strive to practice that history to the best of their ability and share your knowledge & experiences.

As you may or may not know, we have dropped the “hard copy “ of the magazine. Financially, it was going to bust the organization. It was a hard decision to let it go, as it was finally a magazine that looked like it belonged to a Nat’l organization. It is now being posted on the membership part of our web site and it downloads easy! That is quite a feat for me to say, as I am about as computer illiterate as they come, thus I fought it, but even I figured it our easily! If you do not have a computer, please let me know and I will get the word to Dan so he can mail you out a printed version or a CD with it on. We want you to keep getting your publications!

With the dropping of the magazine – we did vote to pick up the extra insurance for tacticals. This rider is approximately $1200 – I do not have the numbers in front of me. This is now a special rider as Carpenters insurance changed their policy this year and went with a NRA approved insurance. We are still covered for all sanctioned hunts, treks and gathering – you just have to get us (your state rep or myself) the word approximately 30 days before the event so we can submit it to our President so he can let the insurance company know. Communication is the word!

Again thank you for being a part of the COHT and if there is anything that I can turn my attention to for you – don’t hesitate to write or call.


Rooster (Mark Roster) NC – Territorial Gov


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