Newsletter July 1, 2007


Greetings to All,


Think it will rain? Now hasn’t this been some go round of moisture, went from the driest year on record to one of the wettest in just a month. Doubt if we have to worry about fire bans this summer but then finding something that isn’t water logged to burn would be another matter.

Spoke with Mr. Javine up on Osage creek the other day, he is landlocked up on his hill and not sure when he’ll get out to the settlements, that area received some of the heaviest downpours as of recent.

Seems I35 is about the boundary for the real heavy downpours, our neighbors in central Kansas have been hammered yet again on the upper Arkansas River watershed. With that runoff and the water here in Oklahoma do believe the Corp of Engineers have the makings for a real mess down river.

As of the 29th Keystone Dam was releasing 80,000cfs with expectation of raising to 100,000cfs, as anyone in the Tulsa area and downstream knows anything above that magic number bad things happen.

I had joked with Bryant and Mark over in Arkansas early in June about sandbagging at the Cadron Blockhouse, that might end up being a reality.

Our Texas neighbors haven’t fared much better and in several areas had it much worse. Haven’t heard from any of the Austin area members concerning personal damage, did hear from member Robert Taylor who lives in the Bonham area where some of the worst storms and flooding have occurred, says he keeps the canoe tied on the truck as it is the most efficient means of travel right now.

Hopefully by 4th of July this monster cell will have dissipated, have enjoyed the crystal blue skies when it’s clear, the rain has washed all the crud away.

Read an article where this weather pattern has decreased the number of tornados due to the lack of the sun super heating the atmosphere. With all the available moisture to work with when the sun does come back in force things might get interesting in a different fashion.

WHAT’S GOING ON, had planned to make the Mora Flats trek but ended up doing storm damage repair for my Mom, last comm with Jim Harsh he stated he had 8 folks showing up. They will have a great time as that is one really nice area to stomp about in. I’ve heard from several that are headed out this weekend for Montana and the Rocky Mountain National. Not much else going on in the area as it is just way to hot and humid.

Trying to plan an informal get together of some kind with a couple of the Texas members to discuss our hobby and adventures involved, keep everyone updated on this one.

WHAT’S OLD, believe everyone received a renewal app in the last edition with the prorated renewal info to get everyone square to June 08, if I missed anyone please let me know asap. The latest TTG was posted on the CoHT member’s message board on June 4th , sorry I didn’t get that info to folks as the last newsletter had already been mailed. Those without computer access should be receiving their black and white printed copy by now if not already so.

ADVERTISEMENT, way over stocked on water and especially skeeters, making some fantastic deals on both to reduce inventory. If anyone has something they want listed get the info to me and we’ll get it posted.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, the ODWC will again host the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E Arena in Edmond, the dates are September 28-30, 2007. Glad to see they moved the dates back a ways into hopefully cooler weather. The new hunting regulation book for Fall 07 into Spring 08 should be out soon,  usually available late July or early August.

BOOK REVIEW, finished two wonderful titles one of which is rather ironic to the current state of things in the region. David McCullough’s “The Johnstown Flood” Simon and Schuster a bit late considering our usual time period but Mr. McCullough just does such a fantastic job of telling a story so extremely well, I’ve enjoyed all his works, he produced yet another in this one.

As the New York Times stated: “A superb job, scholarly yet vivid, balanced yet incisive” that’s Yankee for “darn good book”

The other and you don’t need to be a dog person to enjoy is John Grogan’s “Marley and Me, Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog” William Morrow (Harper Collins) publisher. It is a must read that ends somewhat sadly but with some very valuable life lessons, highly recommend this book.


In closing would like to quote from the above mentioned work by David McCullough that I felt rather compelling, “The danger of assuming that because people are in positions of responsibility they are behaving responsibly”

Read the book for the rest of the story!


Take/Give Care,


Brad Pickle

Oklahoma State Rep