Newsletter December 2, 2006


Greetings to All,


Well now, hasn’t this been some interesting weather as of late, darn near as cold here as anywhere in the entire country this morning. It will take awhile to melt off this 10 plus inches of snow and ice with these temps. A supposed warming trend is to arrive first of the week so hopefully the roads will clear up soon, second worse storm on record according to the experts. Set another state record by closing three turnpikes at the same time, probably give them an excuse to hike the rates due to lost revenue and maintenance cost. Spent last Thursday cleaning off the couple inches of white stuff then chipping up the underneath ice off the drive, that was a fun project that consumed an afternoon. First thing Friday got after it with the snow shovel, took several hours but it all came up clean as the concrete got some heat into it before the big snow hit. Have a nice dry, clean driveway and nowhere to go. Living on a hill the street in front is a favorite with the neighborhood kids of all sizes, they have a couple pretty fast runs worked in already, speed up more with a little sun on it.

WHAT’S GOING ON, this will be a shock to most but Madam VP has been dethroned as the “Queen of Cookies” the crown now sits atop a neighbor lady. Veronica is hotly contesting the issue on the grounds of unfair competition, fresh out of the oven versus several days in transit. The judges say with out comparable evidence the ruling stands, for now.

At present have no definite information regarding any area upcoming events. Contact the other SC state reps soon and get an idea of who’s planning what and where for next year, hope to have that information for the next edition.

Don’t know if Tracy and the MO folks made it to there primitive deer hunt this weekend due to the road conditions and severe cold, had hoped to be in the deer woods myself.

WHAT’S NEW, received my Museum of the Fur Trade quarterly the other day. They combined the fall and winter issues to produce a very spectacular exhibit catalog of the new Mountain Man exhibit that is open thru 2007. Looks like I’ll have to make that put off trip to Chadron next year to see the exhibit in person. Have ordered a couple new titles from the Museum library that look very interesting, give them the once over when they arrive and let you know.

Bryan “Tater” Everhart has posted a preliminary schedule for the National Gathering on the CoHT message boards, if anyone would like to volunteer to do a presentation please contact Tater to work out scheduling. Please remember we are guests of Ft Osage and Jackson County so put on that PC smiley face and offer to help out any way possible, it would be greatly appreciated by the fine folks at the Fort.

WHAT’S OLD, well not much besides this white stuff. Received Bryant’s latest Arkansas newsletter with a fine write up on the “Ladies Only” event held at the Cadron Blockhouse, sounds like the ladies had a great weekend with a lot of activities and experimentation. It is my understanding this event is to be an ever expanding annual event.

ADVERTISEMENT, Ken “Burnt Squirrel” Dodson has a pretty fancy bow for sale he can be contacted at la-rep@coht.org. for details. The OK state rep position is still up for grabs, just had it tuned up and winterized.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, the weather has definitely caused problems for the last weekend of deer season we do have the doe only weekend coming up end of the month though.

 BOOK REVIEW, well I’ve finished up a couple good ones just haven’t cleaned up any notes on them yet, has anyone been into a really great read?


In closing, wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season with a prosperous New Year.

Until the post rider arrives next year Take Care, Be Safe,



Brad Pickle

OK State Rep

SC Governor  


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