Newsletter May 1, 2007


Greetings to All,


Finally got some rain here in the middle of Tulsa, yet the surrounding areas have received even more as has been the case all this Spring. Got the garden tilled the other day and there wasn’t a lick of moisture turned up, not a good sign. Soil temp was still a little cool for planting, forecast of thunderstorm activity, temps in the 80s last several days figured what the heck and got after it. Of course had the valuable assistance of the dogs, their number one concern is to keep the rabbits out, well everything got a real good sniff both before and after it went into the soil, especially the tomato plants. They are a couple tomato eating mutts, kind of funny to watch them circle and sniff looking for the perfect one, pick it so carefully then lay down in the shade to eat with that

“What, you didn’t plant these for me look”


WHAT’S GOING ON, with the rising temps and humidity area event activities are about over till Fall, don’t know about other areas but the price of gas is 2.80 here, expecting 3.00$ by the end of the month, that might put a damper on some folks plans. (as this never gets produced at one setting, run some prints over to mail at the Fed-X, gas station on the corner was 2.97, typical 15-20cent jump over night)


May 2-6 Quapaw Creek Rendezvous at the Sparks America campground.


May 18-20 Missouri Fur Company Spring Rendezvous.


May 18-20 Baldridge Freetrappers hosting a woodswalk to coincide with their Missouri offhand shoot. (Tracy has details posted on the SCT webpage)

May 25-28 Memorial Day Shoot and Rendezvous Florence Park Colorado hosted by the Colorado Springs Muzzle Loaders, if you like to shoot it’s one to attend.


June 7-10 2007 Bent’s Fort Living History Encampment contact Greg holt at (719) 383-5023 for more info.


June 10-16 Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous beautifully set just west of Raton New Mexico sponsored the NRA Whittington Center, which is worth the trip itself. More info on the event is available at  Haven’t decided whether to do early western fur trade or show up as 18th century trailer trash, get some free meals regardless.


June 29 – July 1, Pecos Wilderness Mora Flats Trek hosted by NM state rep Jim Harsh. Jim has posted information on the message boards, sure he’d be happy to forward info to anyone interested, contact him at


For our friends, neighbors and members south of the Red Ken Klabon forwarded a great idea that hopefully can be implemented soon. With a state that covers such a vast area no one person as a state rep can cover so much territory. Ken suggested breaking the state into several different areas with someone representing each. With at least three people doing a short newsletter on different months maintain the rep requirement of producing a quarterly yet the Texas members receive monthly communication. If someone were to step up in another area the workload gets divided again, what do you all think of the idea? If workable looking for folks to help out.


WHAT’S NEW, the E board has implemented some changes, haven’t received the official write up but think I can muddle threw it from memory.


First off, the membership due date has been changed to the same date for everyone, details and the prorated pay schedule should be out soon. From an efficiency standpoint the change makes good sense though the Membership Director and Treasurer get kind of hammered, luckily for a short period.


Second, E board elections will be held at the same time every year with a transition period before the new officer actually accepts full duties at or by the National Gathering. This system has proven to work extremely well with the recent Treasurer change, details to follow on this one also.


Third, for those that have not seen the posting on the message boards, Paul “Cabin Boy” Ellenbecker is now the head honcho for the TTG. Paul and TTG staff have published a submission and publication schedule and from the updates Paul presented at a National Gathering meeting sounds like they have things headed the right direction.


Finally a very big welcome to the new Colorado state rep Mr. Tom Karnuta, I knew the name and was trying hard to put a face to it as we had met some time ago. Tom filled me in on several of our friends out that way as he sees many fairly frequent yes we had some laughs on Mr. Davis.


WHAT’S OLD, the Ft Osage National Gathering for this year, it was well attended, very sorry to hear of some last minute cancellations from folks due to work and health situations especially Wart and Miss Becky, had a whole new bag of “short” jokes for them. Those able to hang around Sunday morning received a behind the scenes tour of the new Education Center which they hope to have operational this summer, it is quite impressive.


ADVERTISEMENT, speaking of Wart, they have a very nice marquee tent, a couple rifles and various other plunder for sale, he can be reached at for the details.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, with everything going on, work and the very goofy weather haven’t had near enough time in the Turkey woods the last month, hope/plan to hit it this weekend with a buddy. For the second year in a row had a young jake that barely had a beard walk up within 20 feet, must be the younger brother of the one from last year, regardless he is still wondering the woods also. Talked to several hunters that had problems with all the different weather patterns, it was confusing for the birds as well as the hunters.


Don’t forget this weekend or May sixth is the deadline for filing for the controlled hunts, put in for the usual ones see what happens.


BOOK REVIEW, with everything else as of late haven’t read/researched many titles, finished Laurence Pringle’s “Dog of Discovery, A Newfoundland’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark. Second time for this short but great read, this go round read it to the dogs at night, they seemed to enjoy it very much.


Have really picked some good pieces out of David J. Peck’s D.O. “ Or Perish in the Attempt, Wilderness Medicine in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.” Let me explain the method of my madness, look threw the Contents page and as something sparks my interest read that part, make notes then when the volume gets the cover to cover work out already familiar with what the author is conveying. For me the system works quite well especially when you reach the dry spots that some historical books have.


In closing want to remind everyone to watch out for nasty insects on your adventures, brought home two big Ft Osage ticks that decided to make a home of my Wilde blanket.


Take/Give Care,