Newsletter March 1, 2007


Greetings to All,


Hope all is well with everyone, it seems Spring has sprung or is just trying to fool us again. We are seeing some green up with early trees beginning to bud, also green shoots of the first flowers. Tried to keep track of the recent temperature changes, in eight days the high, low, high cycle for that time period was 121 degrees, drove the dogs crazy. When I find my first copperhead or rattler out sunning know the frosty mornings are over. Let’s hope things begin to moderate, as the entire country has seen enough severe weather for one winter.


WHAT’S GOING ON, or should say, going up, gas prices have risen 46 cents since last edition this might put a damper on some future travels.

Need to update some info regarding the Barren Fork Rendezvous, seems two different dates were published so they decided to honor both and have two Spring Rendezvous, March 8-11 and April 12-15.

March 15-18, Shawnee Branch Rendezvous near Miami OK.

March 15-18, White Rock Trek hosted by AR rep Bryant McInguire.

March 30-April 1, Cedar Creek Muzzleloaders Rendezvous near Westville OK.

April 4-8- Fort Washita Rendezvous northwest of Durant OK.

April 13-15- Woolaroc Spring rendezvous near Bartlesville OK.

April 18-22- COHT National Gathering at Ft. Osage, Sibley MO

June 29-July1, as an early reminder, more information to follow, Jim Harsh NM-rep has invited everyone on a trek into the Mora Flats area of the Pecos Wilderness, wonderful country.

There is some confusion on the dates for the Cadron Spring market faire, suggest checking the Arkansas website and message boards for correct info or contact Bryant directly at

The recent Missouri state newsletter had several postings for their upcoming events, plus being a heck of a good read, you can view Tracy’s latest newsletter on our SCT webpage.


WHAT’S NEW, in the snail mail edition you will find a ballot with straight forward instructions for the Treasurer election, whatever means you use to vote make sure it gets to Wart by March 25, 2007.

Following are two email messages the E board wanted in the hands of the membership, now I get to really tweak on this machine, see what happens.

E Board, Territorial Govs, State Reps and general membership.

I just spent the weekend at the North Dakota State Muzzleloaders trade fair and on Saturday morning Paul Ellenbecker called for a  ND CoHT Chapter get together. We had great fellowship and I will let Paul tell you about any news and stories that came out of this event.

I am writing to ALL of you to make you aware of several things. 

1st.  When I took over office I told you that I would give you all a "State of the Organization" message come the end of January.  I have yet to receive  the requested information so I can make a intelligent message. 

2nd. Paul Ellenbecker - NC Terr Gov  AND Editor in Chief HAS received the hardware from Dan to put together the TTG on line, however, he is struggling with learning some of the language codes to get it on line - so I ask all of you to be patient.  Paul understands the need for timely communication throughout all our members and feels quiet bad about a copy not already out.  He assures me that he is working on it and will get one out in the relatively near future.  Once set up it will come out on set time frames.  More will be in the Presidents message later.

3. Our membership director "Wart" has a new computer -- however, he discovered it did not come with all the hardware or programs to open his files on the COHT membership, so he is patiently waiting for Dell (I think it was Dell anyway) to get him the programs so he can down load this info to access membership records.  Due to this glitch, there has been a delay in getting out the ballots for you to vote on treasurer.  AS soon as he gets his hardware the ballots will be sent out and / or access can be done via email...  We will work together to make sure the "turn around" of the ballots in your hands to they need to be back on such and such a date isn't quite as short as the last Presidential election!

4. Last night I received a email from Dan Lambert, our Communications Director and Webmaster. Come December 31st his term is up and at this time he does not plan on running for reelection.  His reasoning is work and he is up to his A** in alligators and is having a heck of a time trying to drain the swamp!  I can respect that!  Dan spends a lot of time on the road with his work yet he has managed to keep the web site going and helping all of us computer illiterate folks figure out how to get here and here and here.  Often, Dan’s personal messages  are timed in at 3 , or 4 or 5  a.m. after a full days work, or just before he leaves for work.  Dan has 11 more months of this position yet but I want YOU ALL to be thinking about how you can be a asset to this organization and possibly volunteer to take on this position.

AS I stated, this is not the Presidents message, that will come later but it is open  communications to each and every one of you to let you know of some of our status as of Feb 19th - 07.  I would appreciate Each of the State Reps and Territorial Govs - and even you - the general membership - to take some time and make sure all members NOT ONLINE get this communicae.

COHT President

Rooster, Veronica and Dan;
I finally got my password for my nc-gov email from Dan and will try to
catch up on my email in the next few days.
However I want to report on the progress of the TTG and the Editorial
Committee. Last week I finally received a response from all of the
previous TTG Editorial Committee members. They all are interested in
continuing to work on the committee, but all with limited time. Tom
Cissell has also volunteered to help out. I spoke with Miki Nelson on the
phone tonight. We have a plan!  been trying to learn the technical aspects 
of building a web basedpublication, but have really been dragging my feet.
Miki has the ability
and has created web based publications before. So, at the present time,
she is going to build the publication. I will organize the committee. This
is the process we had in place two years ago, which worked really well.
She will be contacting Dan in the next week to find out what has been
started by him on the next issue. She would like to get the passwords
necessary to post the publication to the website. The committee will serve 
to review, edit and proof the publication before posting it to the website.
I will learn from her the technical aspects of building the publication, so
that she alone is not responsible for it. We will get the publication printed
and copied to a CD for those who wish to receive it by one of those methods.
Currently, Miki is planning to have the next publication available for our
proofing and review by March 16. Our goal is to have it ready to release by March 30.
At this time, we are suggesting to Rooster/Veronica to pass this
information on to all State Reps. Specifically we want the state reps to find 
out which of their members want to receive the publication by letter or CD.
Have them send those names and addresses to me ASAP so that we can get this
next issue to them.
I have an artist Bob Southland who will design artwork for the
publication. Karl Koster will write an article or two each year.
I feel we have a workable plan and I am excited about it!
I am also excited about my new role as NC Territorial Governor. John
Horner is the new ND State Rep. He will do a great job!
Life is Good!!
Sorry for the above jumbled mess, had to minimize these messages to stay with in first class 
mailing regulations, hopefully did not leave out anything critical.
I hope Rooster continues his correspondence in the numbered system, much easier 
for me to keep up with. I have already forwarded snail mail info for our OK members
without computers or reliable internet access as requested, if anyone else would like
included on that list let me know.

WHAT’S OLD, guess all of us have the problem of getting older, my most favorite and oldest, 
in dog years, hunting partner turned 10 last week. Shadow still thinks she’s just a big pup, hunts
hard as ever but getting slower, regardless she got a very special birthday biscuit.

ADVERTISEMENT, well there are some really fine Ft. O auction donations rolling in, think 
Madam VP is in the process of compiling/posting a list to date.
If anyone has something they would like to donate let me know.
BOOK REVIEW, as running out of space just a quote to forward from Christian’s 
“Before Lewis and Clark” describing the meanderings of the Missouri river, “it is though the state
of a woman’s mind” catch it for that one.
Take/Give Care, (got that one from OH state rep)
Brad Pickle
OK State Rep / SCT Governor