Newsletter January 1, 2007


Greetings to All,


Happy New Year, hope it’s a great one for all. Survived the Holiday festivities just fine with minimal weight gain, hope to burn off that extra soon with some coyote and late season goose hunting.


Congratulations to a couple very fine gentleman both with a great sense of humor, Swanny with four dedicated years of service and friendship as our CoHT President and Rooster who has taken over the Presidential reins as of today. I’ve really enjoyed serving with Swanny, he is pretty straight forward, honest and a lot of fun to work with.

Very much look forward to serving with Rooster, having spent some time with him he strikes me as a devoted family man, a sharp businessman and always willing to help anyone in their historical pursuits.


Wish you both the best of luck and a very safe trail.


WHAT’S GOING ON, as of now haven’t planned any treks for the coming year, haven’t heard from other area reps and didn’t want to get into a scheduling conflict this early. I did meet and have lunch with Bryant last week to discuss plans, ideas and schedules. He has several things brewing over in Arkansas, let everyone know when I get confirmation on their events. You can also keep track of our neighbors on their state website, Bryant keeps it updated quite well.


If anyone has an idea and wants to put something together be it a trek, gathering, canoe trek or whatever let me know, we’ll file the insurance and get the word out.

I’ve started preliminary planning with Scott Carlson for a road trip to the Museum of the Fur Trade. As of now we are looking at late March depending on schedules and the forecast, not the best area to be in if a late storm blew out of the Rockies.


WHAT’S NEW, we’ve already discussed Rooster starting the New Year as our new President. Changing to my Governor’s hat, have a letter of proposals to forward to the Eboard here shortly for their consideration, just a couple ideas as of late. I’ll post a copy in the next edition, hopefully with some positive feedback, keep you informed.

Things are really taking shape planning wise for the National Gathering, I believe Tater plans to post an event update later in the month. Haven’t heard much on the new museum construction, maybe he could include a little something on that. Be in the KC area on business before long, if I have time might try to run out and take a look see for myself.


WHAT’S OLD, the February newsletter will mark the end of four years as the Oklahoma state rep. As of now plan to do a March edition with area event plans and Ft Osage updates, after that not sure. If anyone would like to volunteer to take over the two year state rep duties I’ll help them anyway I can.


ADVERTISEMENT, the folks over at the Cadron Blockhouse near Conway Arkansas plan to do another Spring Trade Faire this year. No date has been set yet but it will be much earlier due to the heat experienced last year.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, I’ve heard from Kristopher down in the far Southern part of the state on some hunting success, he has taken buck and does with his smoke pole, bow and rifle, that’s always good news. How have our other hunters fared from the recent hunting opportunities? Can’t complain here, freezer is full and some canned meat on the shelf. Concentrated on the doe harvest again this year, plan to continue on that strategy this Fall also. Did take one half way decent buck after passing on several younger and smaller ones with the Caywood .54 Game Gun, that was a special experience.


The ODWC is holding community meetings again the 8th and 9th of this month regarding proposed changes in fishing/hunting regulations for 2007, hope to attend to here what they have to say. They should have the new information posted on their website shortly.


BOOK REVIEW, where to start? finished A.J. Langguth “Patriots” extremely enjoyable for a serious read. Russell Shorto “Island at the Center of the World” thanks for that one Judith. Kate L Gregg “The Road to Sante Fe the Journal and Diaries of George Sibley”. A good start on Charles Cerami “Young Patriots”, very much enjoy his writing style. The recent arrivals include, Shirley Christain “Before Lewis and Clarke the story of the Chouteaus, the French Dynasty that Ruled Americas Frontier.” Carl J. Ekberg “Francois Vall’e and His World upper Louisiana before Lewis and Clark.” James A Hanson “When Skins were Money: a History of the Fur Trade.” A first edition copy of the Herter Families “Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices”, that was a find.



In closing hope everyone has a very Prosperous, Happy, Healthy and Safe 2007.

Look forward to seeing folks back out on the trail this year and at some of the fine events in the Territory, Take Care,



Brad Pickle

OK State Rep

SC Governor                        





Only Thing Not in the Freezer