Newsletter February 1, 2007


Greetings to All,


Well now hasn’t this been some wonderful weather as of late, looks like we will have this batch of white stuff with us for awhile. If it had to storm again sure glad it was dry snow and not another ice and sleet mess, don’t care much for living on a skating rink. The Tulsa area had mostly sleet, didn’t have to go but just a bit out of town and it was all ice, dividing line seems to have been I44 or better known in this area as the Tornado Turnpike. Several friends were out of power from seven to ten days, a rather humbling experience. All survived just fine with a much deeper appreciation for the great folks before us and their exploits that we enjoy researching so much.


WHAT’S GOING ON, for those receiving the snail mail version of this you will find a pre-registration form for the 2007 National Gathering and also an event flyer for the Barren Fork Territorial Rendezvous coming up March 8-11.


18th Century Hog Hunt February 15-19 sponsored by Trapper Killsmany, he can be reached at, Trapper also has some updates for the hunt on the message boards.

Bryant and I are having some comm. problems with the magic box at present so I will relay previous info, he has a current newsletter out so double check my dates on the Arkansas webpage. March 2-4 trek in the White rock area of the Ozark National forest, alternate dates will be March 16-18. The Cadron Trade Faire March 30 – April 1 at the blockhouse. A possible canoe trek in April or May, working on this one and some other events for later in the year.


 Kiamichi River Rendezvous February 22 – 25 just North of Finley OK, contact Linda Lou Alexander at 630-298-5461 for more info, it would be worth the trip just to watch her weave something.


The Shawnee Branch Cabin Fever Rendezvous near Miami OK March 15-18.

Check out the periodicals and websites as things are going to get awful busy in a big hurry. A good website for the surrounding area is


WHAT’S NEW, as stated in the last edition mentioned having sent the Eboard a letter of proposals first of the year. One is already in the works and think it will help out the state reps and Rooster in keeping track of event insurance filings and the required after action reports. A couple others were additions and modifications to the website, as time allows sure they will get done.


Tater has posted an updated schedule for the Ft Osage Gathering, sure there will more to be added as we are only a bit over two months out.


WHAT’S OLD, this edition ends four years or two tours of duty as the OK state rep. It’s been fun keeping up with folks and advancing my limited communication and computer skills, though licking them envelopes does get old, plus remembering what the glue is probably made out of. Plan to continue the newsletter thru the National Gathering so if someone wants to step up and take over the state rep duties now would be a great transition period to get started.


ADVERTISEMENT, earlier I mentioned the Spring Trade Faire at the Cadron Blockhouse for the end of March, be sure to get the correct details in the next issue. If you’ve never been there it’s a pretty cool place, probably another chapter in the book of “Martyisms” will be written.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITES, with the bad roads of recent hadn’t had much chance to get out and about, had hoped to work over the coyote population some more.


Twice we had to cancel on goose hunts as you couldn’t get to the hunting areas, had hoped to try the 12ga Fowler on one of those big birds, she sure does a fine job on them turkey and quail stealing coyotes.


Due to the icy roads didn’t make the ODWC meeting regarding 07 regulation changes, will watch for updates on their e newsletter.


BOOK REVIEW, wanted to mentioned a couple things I have enjoyed from Charles Cerami’s “Young Patriots” in describing George Washington’s almost obsessive punctuality, as he considered tardiness almost a sin, he writes “the only thing wrong about punctuality is that there’s nobody on hand to see it”


The other is a maxim used often in jest by Roger Sherman, the supposed only shoemaker to sign the Declaration of Independence, “The man who makes shoes is sure of his wages – the man who writes a book is never sure of anything” A sense of humor is always a very good thing.


In closing hope we are out of the woods for this year as far as the winter storms, won’t be long before we get to start watching for the clouds with long spinning tails, that’s always so much fun. Until next month watch the roads and Please Take Care,



Brad Pickle

OK State Rep

SC Governor