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`Tis good to see ye come by this way. Sit down here by the fire with us. We are glad to have ye in our camp for a spell. Hopefully ye will have a good time and look about a bit. See what we are about and what we do, and maybe learn a thing or two. We CoHT members here on the Ohio Frontier enjoy getting about the forest and rivers of this here frontier. We do a bit of trekking, hunting, exploring, and a bit of base camping. We travel about a foot and some times in a canoe or two. We love this new nation and aim on exploring every bit of it as we can. We posted this here page so ye might learn about us, and what we do. Hopefully ye can take our tales and come join us sometime. If ye are up to walking in the footsteps of history. So sit down a spell, and look about. Feel free to join us at any time, or contact us for more information if our site or message board does not answer what’s perplexing ye. Be sure and visit our public message board at CoHT Public Message Board, and feel free to join in by simply registering with no obligation.

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Great Lakes

Territorial Governor

OH, MN, & WI
Richard Calvetti
702 E. Garland St.
West Salem, WI 54669



State Representative

Darylee 'Hawkeye' Foertsch

P. O. Box 340853
Columbus, OH 43234
(614) 654-4117

We Ohio members, as well as all CoHT members, are dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1860 frontier people in America by means of literary research and experimental archaeology.

We are historical trekkers, which is to say we are experimental archaeologist, involved in one or more eras of the historical time frame from 1600 to the year 1860.
As is the purpose of an archaeologist, to establish facts about a historical people or time period, we establish facts pertaining to the way of life of the pre-1860 frontier people.

This we do by experimentation in historical situations, using foods, tools, clothing, weapons and methods authentic to those used by the early frontier people here in America.

We pledge to keep alive the awareness of those brave people who lived and died while carving out a place in the wilderness.
We recognize that it was these brave men and women who made it possible for us, and generations to come, to live here in the land of the free-America.

So come with us, and walk in the footsteps of history.

OHIO CoHT Pages of Interest:

Upcoming Events;

The National Gathering at Ft. Osage in April 15-20, 2008

Greene County Fish & Game 1st Weekend in May and Last weekend in Oct.

NRLHF - The Old Northwest
June 27 to July 5, 2008, Bellefontaine, Ohio  (note, Van Williams is Booshway, he and his wife home school their children and have many educational children's activities planned)

NRLHF - Eastern Primitive Rendezvous  Oct 3 to Oct 11th, 2008, Minerva, Ohio
Medical Emergency Coordinator and his wive are two of our members.

Sons Of Liberty  at Canter's Cave, 2nd weekends of May and October

Ft. Rowdy Rendezvous Covington, OH
Dogs welcome in the camp. not in craft area.

Remember to take your vaccination records and leashes.

Trekking Coordinator Found  It's YOU!

Please contact The Ohio Representative with nominations, volunteers, and ideas.  ANY member of this family we call CoHT can organize an event.
Don't let the paperwork scare you, I can handle that.
D. Foertsch.


This is YOUR organization.
What do YOU want to do?
Skills workshops, Base camps, hikes, treks hunting parties and events need organized.

Got an Idea?
Have a location?
Let me know.

Thank you kindly.

Now, let's go have some fun!



If this is your first visit to a CoHT page, please see: The Coalition of Historical Trekkers Purpose and Ideals

The CoHT welcomes anyone with an interest in the American Frontier in any of the many different areas and time periods from 1600 - 1860. As the settlements moved further west, the Ohio frontier became a very key factor right from the start of the founding of the colonies. Even before the French entered its forests, the Ohio Frontier was home to many Native American people from the Archaic People, Adena, Hopewell, Fort Ancients, and Whittlesey People. The Ohio Frontier started being explored, and trapped and sometimes settled by the French and the English about the 1600' - 1700's, thus trading and contact with the Native Americans began.

The Ohio CoHT takes great pride and dedication in researching these founders of our past, but also recreating their tools, weapons, accoutrements, and lives. Fellow members and enthusiasts from all over the country join us in celebrating and rediscovering these founders of our nation.

From the early explorer and traders, to the long hunters and the Revolutionary War soldiers, fort followers, farmers, British subjects and our Woodland Indians, early town residents and simple settlers. French and Indian War to the War of 1812, and the end of the Fur Trade, all are researched, remembered and re-lived through our CoHT members. We welcome you as a visitor, member or fellow enthusiasts to join us as we celebrate our Ohio History.

Ohio Representative

Darylee 'Hawkeye' Foertsch

Great Lakes Territorial Governor -
Richard Calvetti

GET INVOLVED! The Coalition is only as strong as it's Members!
This is your organization; What do you want to do?


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