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The members of the Arkansas Chapter of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers welcome you to our website.

As experimental archaeologists we think the best way to discover how our forefathers lived is to experience it first hand using only the tools, clothing, and weapons they would have had. We welcome anyone, no matter at what level of living history they may be. If you have never been into the woods before or only have camped with modern equipment and think to yourself I would like to try this then we would enjoy helping you take your first steps into history. If you are an old hand at this and would care to share your experience with us on the trail please do so.

A lot of what we do is getting into the woods and doing it "in the dirt". But this is not just for the guys. We have several members of the fairer gender and family memberships. And we have regular events at a blockhouse near Conway or camps at a shooting range with a beautiful camping area. So ladies think about a visit to any of our events, if there are children bring them along, you may find you enjoy this as much as the men do.

Please take some time and look around at what we might have to offer you. Check out the pictures and articles and see if this is something you might like to try for yourself. Guests are always welcome but if you find you enjoy what we do and wish to continue you will need to join our fine national organization. Membership information can be found by following the link on this page.