Membership Information

Being a member of the CoHT has many benefits. On a state level you will receive a regular newsletter informing you of upcoming events and stories about past events. Also the fellowship of the members at these events and the memories you will keep for a life time. We have a strong Territorial and National leadership who work hard to support all the members. There is a CoHT website with a members-only message board where you can learn things you would like to know and share what you know with others. Yes, you can go to the woods by yourself as we all do from time to time. But there is so much more to gain when you do this with others of like mind. We are not just a club with cards and bragging rights. The CoHT is a family of people who share a spirit and a vision.

We encourage you to join us.
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group photo
Just a Few Members of Our Extended Family
photo taken at the 2005 National Gathering